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i huff to the store and i puff my way back

Today, I get to spend the day doing expense spreadsheets for the tax man. Which will be stultifying, but the good news is that because of that, I will also be empowered to spend the day on the sofa with John Woo movies running in the background, and the wine gets broken out for lunch. Tax time requires massive amounts of self-bribery.

(Yesterday, it was sushi. The accountant and I had a great conversation about how much more glamorous my job looks on TV, which nevertheless manages to ignore that one of the chief specialties among FBI agents is... accountant. Today, I do my Tax Homework. Already found the bill for the car taxes from last year, yay, which leaves only The Dreaded Spreadsheet.

I think I like my new tax guy.)

The current plan has the book sale books going out on Thursday, so if you want to make the first shipment, get your payments in now!

After the taxes, my goal is to finish reading the last book I have to review for April, write two book reviews, and write a blog post on accessibility.

This is not a day in which I intend to get out of my pajamas. For the record.

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