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turn the tape recorder on. he just left jackie o for marilyn monroe.

Five things make a mumble something, but I'm tired enough that you might be lucky to get three.

Two pots of tea, two glasses of wine, two brownies, a corned beef sandwich, three movies I've been meaning to watch, and the tax stuff is off to the tax guy. Except for the three months of expenses that I will have to send AFTER Chase sends me replacement statements, BECAUSE I AM AN AIRHEAD.


Still, done. Now there's just the terror of waiting to find out how much I owe. Might have to auction off some blood for Uncle Sam. Unless somebody wants to offer me a nice seven-figure deal...?

In much better news, hower, "Love Among the Talus" is available as a podcast at Podcastle. Read by Diane Severson.

This takes place in the same setting as Bone & Jewel Creatures and The Steles of the Sky, by the way, speaking very broadly, though much closer in time and space to the latter than the former.

And the CEM for The Sea thy Mistress arrived today. So that's wat I will be working on for a while.
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