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i want my empty vee.

The Daily Commute 2010 03 24Having survived the Mayan Hell of Spreadsheets and Guy Movies yesterday, today I am back on the futon in the library with the usual accoutrements (including the dog, who by his sighing does not believe we went for a two-mile run already this morning).

I'm not sure if the post-novel ennui is over yet, because it's not as if I feel like writing, but I do feel like being done with more projects, and sadly the damned things do not write themselves.

So today's honeydew list involves getting something done on A Reckoning of Men, likewise "Needles," and writing two book reviews, though those might wait until after climbing. It all depends on how virtuous I am beforehand.

Tea today is Queen Mary's strawberry peppercorn, which actually has pink peppercorns in it, which of course are not properly peppercorns at all.

Tasty, though.

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