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bear by san

March 2017



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spies i spy ispy

Okay, Boy Wonder, you wanna get the collapsible batpole out of the glove compartment?

Robert Culp, 1930-2010, star of two of my favorite televisions shows.

If it hadn't been for him and Bill Cosby, there would have been nothing for Moonlighting to rip off.

You'll be missed despite that, man. You'll be missed.

I hope Kelly Robinson and Jim Phelps are running a hell of a scam up there.

Oh, look, Hulu has my favorite episode of I Spy. Which also has Greg Morris in it. FTW.


Bill Maxwell. Aw crud. I wonder if SFF.net will give him a rose?
What shocked me was when I started watching I Spy again as an adult and realized how much of my personal dialogue style is a DIRECT LIFT.
Aha. I just got to the part where that icon came from. Whee! For Dramatic Drama is about all my brain is good for tonight. That and making ypocras.
LOVE that line. *g*
oh, did I mention that Nancy Wilson is in that one?

...I guess I forgot.
No. No, you didn't.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled mesmerization. If I can't have her voice, can I at least have that dress?)
You know, he was terrific on Greatest American Hero, too. I was just watching some of the streamed episodes on Netflix last week and thinking how talented he was.
That would be the other favorite show.
(Did you know that William Katt's mum is Barbara Hale, who was Della Street in Perry Mason? I didn't know until I went to a Raymond Burr festival last year.)
Too true.
Funny, that's the first thing I thought of when I saw the news. "Awww, he was on Greatest American Hero."
Ah hell.
and one of my favorite Outer Limits episodes too ("Demon with a Glass Hand"). Too bad he never re-made that one like he reportedly planned...or made anymore Spectre episodes
In 1968, Get Smart had an episode that spoofed I Spy, called "Die Spy," in which Maxwell Smart played a professional ping pong player paired with an African-American partner. There was a scene in a restaurant in which the waiter kept sampling their drinks before serving them, becoming more and more sloshed. The waiter was played by Robert Culp.
What a shame.

I remember I Spy with great fondness.
Yeah, I'm another of the ones who remember Bill Maxwell better than Kelly Robinson.

Ah dammit!
It was Greatest American Hero I remember him from best. But there's that line from I Spy that seems fitting... "The wonderfulness of your charm."

And I also remember he guest-starred on The Cosby Show. Seeing him and Bill in the kitchen, inexplicably putting potato chips on a pizza... :)
I'm sorry to hear that. I liked him, too. But I thought Moonlighting ripped off Remington Steele?
Other than the sexual tension and the detective agency thing, everything Moonlighting ripped off from Remington Steele it also ripped off from I Spy.

But I'm specifically thinking of the bickering.
Oh, no. Sad news.
It is rare that I care one way or the other when a public figure dies. But when I heard of his passing, it genuinely saddened me.
I'm heartbroken to hear this.
I Spy was my really first experience that adults could be hot, and not just people like my parents.
I wanted to grow up to be those guys.