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i cast my eye over the ideals that i couldn't save.

It's horse racing season again, and the mighty Zenyatta is back from retirement (I missed this while I was in Tucson, somehow). I have such mixed emotions about thoroughbred horse racing, but my love for the animals themselves is huge and uncomplicated.

There were rumors that she would finally be meeting Rachel Alexandra, her only rival, in April, but Rachel is apparently not running well this spring and has been scratched.

Today, I decided that I needed some unscheduled time, and blew off yoga class. Instead, the dog and I went for a walk, and then I came home and worked on the vampires a bit. I am very fond of this story, even though it's awful. Not awful in the badly-written sense, but awful in the oh, the humanity! sense.

Only six hundred words or so so far--it's slow going, and I went up a wrong tree with it last night and had to backtrack. Also, writing in objective is hard.

I plan to continue poking at it all day, however.

I think it's gonna be pizza for dinner tonight. My get up and go has got up and went.
Tags: one horse can run faster than another, the writer at work

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