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bear by san

March 2017



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cat and mouse

Found: small fluffy gray catling. Extremely thin, very friendly. Currently isolated in the Spare Oom.

Posting this here on the off chance anybody local recognizes her. I'm pretty sure somebody is frantic, because she's adorable and obviously not feral.


Oh, dear. I am glad she is getting food, water, and an inside space. And, I hope that her people turn up soon (odds that she might be microchipped?).
Awww. Kitty!
Please folks; cats need to be collared-and-tagged or chipped. Even the indoor ones... because all it takes is one open door unattended for a few seconds.

-- Steve sometimes sees a local cat taking its food ape out for a walk; the cat is collared and on a body-leash, and seems to accept both with formidible dignity. (And no time for scritchies from a mere non-food ape, as there're smells to be smelled.)
Do you have any suggestions for a collar that will actually stay on a cat? I've tried 3 different types, and she has managed to slip out of all of them.
Microchip. Doesn't bother the cat and all animal services and vets will know about it. One woman found her cat in IIRC Birmingham after NINE years because she was microchipped.

And yeah, I have yet to find a collar that was both safe and cat-proof.
Have you tried a small harness? Collars never have worked for us, but the harnesses have.
I do hope you can get her back to her family.
Have you had her checked for a Chip yet?
Since cats can so easily slip out of collars, they should all be chipped for safety.
Oh, she is the image of our Fluffy! (Now deceased.)

I hope she can be reunited with her owners. With luck, she's only strayed from somewhere local but sometimes cats stow away in vehicles and end up heaven knows how many miles from home. :(


Hope her people show up soon.
Give her a good brushing too! Chances are she loves it. (Either that, or she will sink her pointy teeth into your arm just as Simba here just did.)
That's how I ended up with Princess Nimue Isis Morgana....
After failing to find owners for the first couple teenage strays I found, I don't even bother looking anymore when it's that age group, just rehome them (hopefully not at my house!). People will pick up a free kitten at the farmer's market and it's adorable, and then suddenly it's lanky and full of attitude, and biting their ankles, and then it (she) gets pregnant because people don't want to waste money on vet bills for a free cat, and suddenly it's a one-way car trip out to the country....

But my vet always checks for microchips.
D: That's appalling. Not surprising, mind you, but appalling. Freakin' people, man.
So adorable. Hope she's chipped. All mine were done routinely as part of the adoption process.
She looks like a skinnier younger version of my girl Mei-mei before she died.