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Criminal Minds 05x18, "The Fight." Written by Chris Mundy and Ed Bernero, directed by Richard Shepard

Being the back-door pilot for Criminal Minds: San Francisco, unless it's Criminal Minds 2.0 or some other title, a spinoff I am deeply conflicted about.

The dialogue between the father and daughter and the Sinister Stranger is a freaking type example of how to write dialogue. Oblique, elided, and most of the argument in the subtext, but perfectly clear. So shiny.

Forrest Whitaker, whom I have loved since Species, in which he is the best thing in a terrible movie.

Oh noes, maverick cop. A trope I have never loved. And yet, they are selling me on it with compassion. It's nice to see that smile on Hotch. Also, his trauma hair is repairing itself.

"They're working against the director's orders?"
"We need to concentrate on the dead men abducted from the tenderloin."
See? That is how you write dialogue.

...and Prentiss is Lawful Good.

They're trying a leeetle too hard to show us how cool the new people are. Quit posturing and tell a damned story please.

Although the guy playing Prophet is a good physical match for Sol Todd.

Third Watch cast member guest stars. DRINK!

I like the Asian detective. I'm not familiar with the actor.

Whitaker still has that ground-eating stride and sense of physical presence.

I'm uncomfortable with the "I won't ignore my gut" thing.

Prentiss and new guy, clumsy exposition is clumsy. Oh well, I guess we're in a rush.

Oh Emily, not enough sigh in the world for this moron.

Morgan looks very pretty in that leather jacket.

It's a good thing they started making Polaroid film again.

Oh, like Emily would back down from that. And furthermore, Em, take your hand off your ear when you're talking. Although in this era of bluetooth devices....

Emily Prentiss, one tough broad.

Oh man. Poor Jason Wiles.

JJ and Reid are Sir Not Appearing in the Episode.

Hi Erin!

"Aaron? Mom's pissed."

Penelope is love. Hotch has his own daddy issues. Lovable rogues are boring and irritating, but maybe it will play well to the people for whom CM is too morally complex.

And Janey is finding her own way to fight. Hello agency.

Aww, why does JJ always have to stay with the victims?

I think I'm kind of meh about that ending. I didn't believe the suicide, because the pacing and tension of the whole thing felt off--directorial choices, I think.

And too uncomplicated a happy ending--although there's a creepy reminder of Gideon and his trophies there.

Overall, it had some good bits, but not a strong episode.

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