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things were so much more simple when we didn't have a stitch

via slithytove, William Gibson is awesome.

...writer's block is my default setting. Its opposite is miraculous. The process of learning to write fiction, for me, was one of learning to almost continually be doing it *through* the block, in spite of the block, the block becoming the accustomed place from which to work. Our traditional cultural models of creativity tend to involve the wrong sort of heroism, for me. "It sprang whole and perfect from my brow" as opposed to "I saw it mispelled, in mauve Krylon, on the side of a dumpster, and it haunted me".

God, yes. That romaticization of process is so frustrating. I don't really get blocked--what I would call blocked--where you just can't write--all that often.

But I do find that writing is hard work, and the more I know about it the harder it gets. One reason for this, of course, is that in every other line of creative endeavor, when one finds a solution to a prickly problem, one has that solution in one's tool box for the future. But in narrative, every time the problem arises, you have to try to come up with a new and trickier solution.

Or fall back on formula--which does, I admit, have its places, and anybody who's taken a writing class from me knows that I think structure and formula are useful tools.

And some days, the brain just doesn't want to create. I've spent today paying bills and doing paperwork, because I just can't bring myself to write one more goddamned interview scene and I'm trying to find a postmodern way to handle it. What I really want is an 80s timelapse training montage. Or maybe a 60's I Spy footwork montage, with Kelly and Scotty trudging around Tokyo under reflected neon, wearing out shoe leather.

Preferably with stirring music. Now if I can just figure out how to do that in prose. So I am gathering my forces and considering my tactics.

It gets exhausting sometimes.
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