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this summer i hear the drumming.

Ooof. Got about 13,000 words done on "Spell 81a" so far, 1212 of it today and 3400 yesterday, and I'm nearly done with my part of the research and investigation portion of the program. Which means there's not much left for me to do except the Horrible Troof and the Climactic Space Battle and the DVD Extra with its Stunning Backstory Revelations (plus some of stillsostrange's bits)... and it will be a draft.

A draft that may or may not be in need of having some things that are currently summarized dramatized, because I'm trying to find a balance between showing all the interview and investigation scenes, which have a tendency to become repetitive, and presenting the information obtained in exposition. It's an interesting technical problem, to say the least, and one that's going to require some concentration and groping around.

Anyway, I think it's time to put that one back on the shelf for a bit, because it's not due until July, and there's enough other stuff to keep me busy if it really doesn't want to be written. Like A Reckoning of Men, and the current incarnation of the Secrit Projekt.

Feeling  a bit more optimistic about the year's deadlines, anyway. All this is doable, yes it is.

And now, off to fall off a wall.
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