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we aren't here about immigration. we're here about murder.

Criminal Minds 5x19, "Rite of Passage," written by Victor de Jesus, directed by John Gallagher.

Another first-time CM writer, I think. I suspect this is a hard show to write a spec script for--so much of the important bits of the narrative are implied rather than explicit, you have to be a hardcore fan to write for it.

And I think this time they got one.

This is very Mad Max. And interesting directorial choices. Lots of low-angle.

"Oh yeah. That'd save us like fifty bucks a week." It's the AA coffee addiction.

Oh, Garcia, how do you pull off those clothes? Also, I probably should not be noticing that Prentiss looks awesome with her hair like that while there are severed heads on the menu.

"It's a serial killer's perfect storm."

Already, I am feeling kind of confident in this script. This feels a lot more confident and on-note than the last two episodes. The business and character byplay feel right. JJ slips her phone into her bag, Morgan washes his hands in the galley, Hotch is mysteriously absent with a plausible cover story.

Prentiss gets the quote. And it'a a Chuck Jones quote. Yeah, I think we're in good hands tonight.

And Garcia sounds like herself. Flip, concerned, articulate.

Oh, and Morgan is breaking out the MP-5s. And Hotch is still worried about money.

Reid, you would have had to qual with it to get your badge, man.

Ooo, Reid gets the severed heads. It's a good life.

Latina sheriff, drink.

The Reid and Rossi show is on the road. And Rossi is acting like a writer again, noticing Reid's use of language. Drink?

The exposition is a little clumsy, and the actress playing the sheriff isn't quite selling it to me, but she works well when she's got some emotional freight in what she's saying.

"Except a lion hunts food." I was almost expecting a greenscreen there.

Prentiss rules. I was kind of hoping she would smack that deputy.

"You did the best you could." Drink!

Look, theme.

And look, Garcia being gorgeous and smart.

By different, you mean "white?"

Morgan with the tackle and the football reference. And Prentiss with the Spanish. Drink! Drink! Drink!

Oh, and preserving the agency and the courage of the victim. I love my show so much right now.

(PSA, drink.)

"Who's gonna pull the strings when you go home?"

"No, it was the Sun." It was a dragon, in a green raincoat.
Or a uniform.
Oh, that's nice.
That's beautiful. People build monsters. People are monsters.

Come on, JJ, Prentiss. Put it together.

Oh yeah, any scene team worth its salt would see through that.
And even the drug kingpins are people.

"What about the taste?"
"Think that's in your head."
Oh, I miss my Reid and Prentiss geeksnark.

"I'm ready for that smell weakness to kick in any time, Reid."
And there you go. Reid picks up on the sun.

Aww. Reid gets ditched again. He just made it into this episode.

And Hotch's ear injury gets a mention, too. Wow. We're back in the wild land of character continuity! I like it here!

Emily had a CAR, Derek. You just wanted to fire the MP-5.

"This is a mess."

Not a win. Not even close. But a damned nice piece of work.

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