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put the spurs down to blood

Well, it was kind of a productive day.

I did not get huge piles of new words, but I did climb, and get a whole bunch of interview questions and similar things cleaned out of my inbox, and edit some Shadow Unit stuff, and accidentally wrote 400 words on the Secrit Projekt and then I figured out two more plot elements to the story, and also something about how the structure works (I think it's going to be a bit nontrad), and it's feeling, frankly, like I might be able to write this thing and make it good.

So there is progress on many fronts.

I did not actually get the reading done I meant to. There was so much paperwork it just wasn't happening around the errands and so on. Maybe tomorrow.

There was climbing, though, at the gym--and I got a 5.8+ I could not send last time, and a new 5.7, which was not hard but it was interesting. And then I resent some old stuff, including a 5.9, but my shoulder started hurting so I took it easy on the last couple of climbs.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks, the writer at work
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