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and they build them all in one spot.

How have I gotten this far in life and never heard of Janelle Monae and her science fiction soul? (thanks to saltypepper, now I have). And thanks to me, now you have too:

In other news, we're trying that vaunted Day Off thing again today.

Also, 2.15 miles in 26:20 today, with a break for the dog to pee.  Turns out I've been shortchanging myself on my morning route: depending on which way I go, it's actually 2.2 or 2.15 miles, not a flat two.

And on that note, hey, I'm in Isengard! Watching Treebeard roll over stones and unleash the floodwaters. Gandalf's going to unleash a little whupass here soon, and then I'm off to Minas Tirith with him.

No rest for weary hobbits here.
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