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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid runs like a girl

and they build them all in one spot.

How have I gotten this far in life and never heard of Janelle Monae and her science fiction soul? (thanks to saltypepper, now I have). And thanks to me, now you have too:

In other news, we're trying that vaunted Day Off thing again today.

Also, 2.15 miles in 26:20 today, with a break for the dog to pee.  Turns out I've been shortchanging myself on my morning route: depending on which way I go, it's actually 2.2 or 2.15 miles, not a flat two.

And on that note, hey, I'm in Isengard! Watching Treebeard roll over stones and unleash the floodwaters. Gandalf's going to unleash a little whupass here soon, and then I'm off to Minas Tirith with him.

No rest for weary hobbits here.


Great video!

So many images in it are from the movie _Ink_

Lovely if slightly flawed film :-)
She's doing a concept-album reimagining of METROPOLIS (that Metropolis!) called The ArchAndroid.

Her last album was a Metropolis pastiche also. At this point I don't think it's a concept, it's a lifestyle.

As the blogger MGK remarked, she could have debuted as any kind of diva she wanted, but she chose to be an android James Brown. I've been loving this girl for a long time.
It's actually a series of concept albums; Metropolis, the Chase Suite was #1, and The ArchAndroid is the next one.

She's currently doing "sneak preview" concerts around and about.
Wow! Thanks!

I had the same question...

After watching this vid, I wondered how I hadn't heard of her either. That's a party I wish I'd been invited to -- JM has her James Brown moves down solid, so fluid and effortless. Thanks for the tip; time to go webhunting for more of same!

Re: I had the same question...

She's slick, isn't she? And I love the pompadour. It's like Grace Jones updated with super-class-act.

Re: I had the same question...

Slick and sly with*out* the lie, imo; she's just lovin' what she does. Her 'do may be an homage to GJ, but her dancing is an offering to the spirit of James Brown. After listening to "Tightrope," I was not surprised to learn of her connex to Outkast (apart from Big Boi in the vid); just enuff flavor to know where it came from, not enuff to make her an Outkast clone.

And the no-sox, we *must* note the no-sox. :)
Love her! My favorite song/video of hers is Many Moons. That beat is incredible. Plus smart analytical social commentary is always a huge plus;)
Ooh, new video from her! I'll have to check it out this evening (stupid work).

Her Many Moons is very good too.
She is every kind of awesome that there is. If you hear of her playing a show near you, go directly to it, do not pass go, do not collect $200!

Her many moons video can be seen here:

I'm seriously impressed.
She had me at "dancing = magic." Damn, I want to know what happens next.
OMG, that video is amazing. How have I never heard of this woman before today? The dancing! The hair! The concept! The voice! Damn.
I knew you would like that.
Dude, that's awesome. Thanks for posting that video!
Little Richard. Plus gender bending so far that it's come all the way back around.
And awesome.
oh, yes.

Memory kick

*Thank* you. I couldn't get my brain to cooperate yesterday re: the pompadour. Little Richardesque, it certainly is.

Re: Memory kick

And Sun Ra! Almost forgot. But you can't get far claiming you're an alien/robot/etc before Sun Ra should be mentioned in one's lineage!

Re: Memory kick

Ah, yes, Sun Ra...the last class I took in order to grad from college was Intro to Jazz, and the instructor had us choose from a list of names the person we'd write a paper on. Crap Engleesh, I know. :) Someone else snagged John McLaughlin first, so I took Sun Ra. And there's yet another Webhunt I'll be doing soon.
YAY NEW VIDEO. i have been on edge waiting for the next album since i first heard her metropolis suite. she is awesome.
That? Is awesome. Thank you.

Am I the only one getting a serious Fifth Element vibe from the hair?
Okay that was truly awesome. Thanks for the heads-up!