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The thrill of the chase--

So I spent today at Manchester Community Health Services, because (like many self-employed persons) I have no health insurance and I needed to get a couple of things checked out--a Peculiar Rash that wasn't resolving itself, and some not-enlarged-but-hard lymph nodes that never went away after my eye infection last year.

I really recommend MCHS for anybody in the area in similar circumstances, by the way. They took excellent care of me, and the doc both listened and paid attention and treated me like an Interesting Intellectual Problem With Feelings, rather than as an annoyance. He was quite concerned about the lymph nodes until he looked at the rash and said "Oh!"

Well, we're doing a metabolic panel to rule out lymphoma or leukemia, but what it most likely is is... wait for it!--a systemic fungal infection. Um, yay? Well, more yay than Hodgkin's, anyway.

I've probably had this for years. I wonder if I'll be perkier when it's fixed. Or if the Mi-Go will be along shortly to harvest my brain. Portions of my anatomy are indeed scabrous and rugous, currently.

So I get to take an oral fungicide ($244 for two months of meds. OMG) and wait for the bloodwork to come back.

If I am dying, I'll let you know. Otherwise, just assume I am a fifth columnist for the Fungi from Yuggoth and act accordingly.
Tags: a fungus among us, moldy me, quotidiana, tmi

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