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keep on with the force don't stop

Two things. One, bloodwork came back, and I'm healthy as a horse, except for the Migo infestation. I am currently enjoying not having

The second thing--how writers spend their productive working hours:

[11:21] matociquala: So I got to this video from a blog on gender.
[11:21] matociquala:
[11:21] matociquala: really not very work safe, btw
[11:21] matociquala: And I'm having a complex reaction.
[11:21] matociquala: 1) Damn, she can dance.
[11:21] matociquala: 2) Was that a michael jackson move? It was!
[11:22] matociquala: 3) where in this cognitive loop does claiming female sexual power turn into objectification turn into exploitation?
[11:22] matociquala: 4) Damn, she can DANCE.
[11:24] matociquala: 5) There's a lot of genderfuck in there.
[11:24] matociquala: 6) That bathing suit looks like it hurts.
[11:26] matociquala: Also, I want her body.
[11:26] stillsostrange: seriously
[11:26] stillsostrange: those thighs
[11:26] matociquala: Also, the droopy horns on the rodeo bull crack me up
[11:29] stillsostrange: Also, the Ludacris cameo is cracking me up
[11:30] stillsostrange: Following the tradition of rap cameos everywhere.
[11:30] stillsostrange: He needs to say "Yeah" a few times
Tags: a fungus among us, gender, moldy me
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