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they'll try to keep you hungry and then they'll tell you to eat snow.

I'm getting better at this climbing outside thing. Three routes at Pinnacle today, all sixty feet or better--Yucca Flats (It turns out I did that one last year, which explains why it was familiar), Zambezi  Hatchethead (The Jeff's favorite route name--the crux on this one involves pulling yourself out from under a little (ten inch?) roof on fingertip crimps--I am stronger than I was, boys and girls), and what may have been Zzyzx, though we're not a hundred percent sure.

Also had the nerdiest conversation ever while climbing (Climbing is a nerd sport, so this was like the perfect storm of nerdity), mostly about Marvel Superheroes and how much Jessica Alba was not Sue Storm.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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