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you propose to the bedrock on your way underground

Dashiell Hammett spends a lot of time describing clothing, for the record.

In other news, I got 2245 words of "Dolly" written today, and I know what it's about, and have something like a complete outline. This is comforting, because as long as I know what a story's about I can write it as I get time. It's when I'm waiting for it to be a story in my head that I get nervous.

This means that I have one more story to turn into a story by the end of June, and other than that, a whole buttload of typing to do. Well, I guess if it wasn't work, they wouldn't pay me.

I'm sure even Jon Stewart's job feels like a job some days.  

Oh, there will be Shadow Unit content tonight. later on. Because that happens every other week, though not usually on Thursday.
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