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"Talk about ego."

Criminal Minds 5x20 (has it really been so long?!), "A Thousand Words," written by Edward Allen Bernero, directed by Rosemary Rodriguez

That's quite a 911 call center.

One thing I like about CM (and I think this is the cop influence) is that it's aware of all the infrastructure that goes into supporting officers in the field. far, the Southern accents in this one are not too bad. Not overplayed. Also, I like the uniformed officers of Charlie 44 covering each other. Tommy and Ray are great characters.

Prentiss always wins big. Oh, it's always nice to see her win a round with Morgan.
Are we surprised Derek still likes beaches?

Longest cold open ever.

Rossi gets the art quote. *snrck*
And it's true.

The resident desert rat complains about the humidity.

Ooo, a box of scutwork for Reid. And JJ putting her hair up. I like the low-key directing on this. It's almost a bit cinema verite.

John Barton, unhappy and nervous and happy to have Hotch's authority to lean on. Everybody needs a Mom.

Derek, when did you start working for the IRS? You go look through the files. Reid will stand here and look at the body.

I love Rossi in this. Sardonic, sarcastic. "They're always normal." "Late bloomer." "Consummate overachiever." "Women worry about who has to clean up. Men don't give a damn."

Ray Bradbury geek moment FTW! Thank you, my show. By nerds, for nerds.

My Reid is back. Bernero, thank God, understands him. "You guys owe me." Oh, yes they do. And he was going to do it anyway, but he made them ask.

The pregnant partner is awfully pretty. And overacting.

Garcia <3<3<3
Really, I got nothing but <3<3<3 for her.

"Caring about a victim, personalizing them, can only be stupid if it's reckless."
Hotch, you are such a good cop.

Rossi, your hair is awfully tidy for 110 degrees. And of course Reid goes away inside his head. He's mastered that one.

And of course Prentiss, nerd girl, reads Bradbury. And Rossi and Prentiss crack the case, with a little help from an inker. The tattoo artist is hysterical.

Garcia <3<3<3<3
"Ultimately I have nada."
This scene--Prentiss, Rossi, Garcia--makes me smile.

Victim has agency.
"It has to be a girl."

You can slip me a convincer anytime, Penelope.

Oh, the cop is amazing. The scene with him and Becky is just fabulous.

"Is she gonna be okay?"
"I wouldn't bet against anybody who survived what she did."
<3Hotch and the supportive nonanswer.

"You know nothing's going to affect me." (She'll never be the same again. DRINK! I think I really love this cop of the week. He's up there with the "Legacy" CoTW as an all-time winner.)

Poker! Drink!
...I am so happy with this scene. I think I would be happy if the entire episode had been JUST THIS SCENE. Emily Prentiss, marry me.
"There's a whole nother side to that woman." Derek Morgan, the infix king!
"I never lose."
I love you guys. Never change, you three. NEVER CHANGE.

"How many other serial killers had kids."
"A lot."
And Hotch and Rossi can give her chapter and verse. We are all enmeshed in a web of relationships: even the monsters among us. Because monsters are people too.
That reminds me of the story of the guy who found out as an adult that Charles Manson was his birth father...

I really liked this one--it's My Show, and it's awesome when it manages to burrow down into those layers of troublesome complexity surrounding human beings, how good and evil are not absolute, how even the monsters will sacrifice themselves for what matters to them.

I loved the thematic freight tying together what most shows would have handled as a freakshow--how relationships, and people who celebrate us for our strengths and weaknesses, and people who fight hard--how human that is. And it's another episode that reminds us that the monsters are people too. I particularly liked the way the story shifts the partner from beautiful innocent victim (in a white dress) to monster to victim again, showing complexity of character.

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