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why does the doctor have no face?

So this morning for the dogwalk I was bored with all my exercise playlists, so I just hit shuffle.

This is what I got:

Tom Waits - 2:19
Were you drying your nails or waving goodbye?

The White Stripes - I'm Finding It Harder to be a Gentleman
Well I'm finding it hard to say
that I need you twenty times a day

Smithereens - Something New
It is time for something new
I still love you
We've tried but it won't work
It's time for something new

Meredith Brooks - Watched You Fall
You were the scars of passion
and since the crashing came
You've broken every promise
I walked away

Loreena McKennit - The Dark Night of the Soul
I lost myself to him
and laid my face upon my lover's breast
And care and grief grew dim
as in the morning's mist became the light
There they dimmed amongst the lilies fair

Crooked Still - Captain Captain
Answer me, oh give me joy for I love my soldier boy
Oh no, lady, he's not here. Dropped down dead in the gulf, my dear

Modest Mouse - Satin in a Coffin
You were laying on the carpet
like your satin in a coffin.
You said, "Do you believe what you're sayin'?"
Yeah right now, but not that often.

Are you dead or are you sleepin'?
God, I sure hope you are dead.

Kate Bush - Rubberband Girl
...okay, this is where the theme breaks down.

And then I got:

Smithereens - The World We Know
Marianne Faithfull - Sister Morphine

and that was pretty much the end of the thematic run. But man, talk about the omens of the MP3 player. If I weren't single, I would be wondering if I should be expecting to be.
Tags: navel gazing

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