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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds garcia plan b

i have my head in the oven so you know where i'll be

We climbed at Pinnacle tonight. Four routes--two 5.7s (Tin Man and Scarecrow), a 5.8 (Screeching Halt, which was easier than the 5.7s) and Mossad, an absolutely brutal 5.9 on a corner with a series of roofs and then an awful, crimpy, sketchy fingertip face-climb up the slab at the top. My hands still hurt, and I was practically in tears a coupe of times while I fought my way up it.

It was a terrible, sloppy, piece of crap hangdog ascent, and I'm not proud of it at all.

Did I mention my hands still hurt?

I was going to finish chapter 8 tonight, but it's maybe not going to happen. Anyway, I'm going to go shower the chalk and tick repellent out of my hair, and then come back at poke at Grail for a bit.

Tomorrow I will be at the CAPA Writer's University in Hartford from about 9 until 4, which will likely preclude much writing. I may try to get some work done tomorrow evening. I might watch a nice film with a guarateed happy ending instead.

Man, that face kicked my ass.


I just found your live journal! I love your user icons--Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows.

Someone told me Whiskey and Water had undines in it, which is really cool. I write fantasy/urban fantasy myself, and I am always looking for someone writing fantasy in a new and fresh way.

I definitely plan on picking some of your books up now.

I hope you have a great day! Good luck with your writing! I should probably go back to editing mine.
Hi! Undines only in passing, but a Kelpie as a main character. *g*

Nice to "see" you!

(and yes, Criminal Minds is a great fondness of mine. *g*)
A kelpie as a main character? *drool* I am sold! I am working on a book with a selkie as a main character, and their town has a kelpie problem. Good times, good times.

Is Ink and Steel the first in the series? I try to not read the blurbs too much since the last time I did that in the middle of a series, they gave away a major spoiler. In the blurb on the back of the book! Can you believe the horror!? They should be shot for such things.

Beautiful user icon! ;) The devil indeed.

I started watching Criminal Minds a year or two ago. I knew about it, but it takes a lot to get me interested in a tv series. There's so many books to read after all. But now I am hooked, and I have all the seasons on dvd. I am really impressed with the quality of the writing, and I love all the characters. Nice to see another fan. :D

Thank you for replying back so soon! By the way, have to you tried icing your hands? My day job is as a massage therapist, and I have to ice my hands periodically so I don't develop tendonistis.

Have a great day!
Publication order is Blood & Iron, Whiskey & Water, Ink & Steel, Hell & Earth. And that's probably the best way to read them, though Ink & Steel & Hell & Earth take place some 400 years before the other two.

The Kelpie is in the first two. *g*