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if you want to use my body go for it.

Grail rewrite Progress Notes:

New words: ~1500
Pages edited: ~150 (page 312 of 393)
Words cut: ~500
Manuscript wordcount: 81804
Words Word don't know:  squareness, hypervigilance, Eschaton, sociopathy, myelination, wights, verdancy, unremarked
Mean things: watching your SO kiss a dead woman, groveling through a psychopath's trophy collection
Tyop: His fur was gritty with soul.

Oh man. Teacher, my brain is full. But it's coming together, still, and now I am going to take a sanity break in the deathmarch and walk the dog and make dinner before I come back to this. I'm reaching the end of the stuff that's actually written as a continuous and sensible narrative, with transitions and exposition and stuff that makes sense. Which means slowing down some as there's less to be revised and rightsized and fixed and suck-vacuumed, and more that's just new words that have to be written. But my hope is to have gotten to the end of the stuff that's actually mostly written by the end of day tomorrow, and start writing the missing fragments of climax and denouement.

I'm still feeling remarkably self-possessed about the whole thing, though, and looking forward to having it done.

Once all these deadlines are met, I plan to sleep through whatever is left of July after that.

I'm just saying.

It's looking good to come in around 100K when I finally have the thing finished, though.

Tags: chinese hell of track changes, jacob's ladder, progress notes

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