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to everything turn turn turn turn

Today, I need to get my teeth into Chapter 20, which is where the vivid and continuous fictional dream of Grail as it currently exists trails off into drips and confusion and bits of scenes packed in willy-nilly around an outline. I'm on page 339 of 395.

Right now, I'm kind of organizing my thoughts and figuring out how I'm going to write this next scene, which bears a striking resemblance to watching last night's news. The good news is that I'm full of restlessness and drive to work, which I have not yet been in any of the 80,000 words I have already written on this book. And I have a whole bunch of time still blocked out this week to do it, even if the weekend is going to be a wash due to personal obligations. If my estimations are right, I am seven chapters from the end, and forty-odd pages of those seven chapters are written.

Houseguests starting late next week, and I would really like to be done with the rewrite before then.

I would very much like to be done with this now. Oh, god, book, will you never end?
Tags: chinese hell of track changes, deathmosey like you mean it, jacob's ladder, with your draft or on it

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