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Grail rewrite Progress Notes:

New words: ~2600
Pages edited: ~60 (page 372 of 405)
Words cut: ~150
Manuscript wordcount: 84553
Mean things: gunshot wounds, cultural relativism

Oh, my god, I'm tired. I killed off Chapter 19 last night and Chapter 20 and Chapter 21 today, and I have reached the Climactic Space Battle. I thought about Ch. 22, but you know what? That was sixty pages, and I cannot brain any further today.

It's a good thing I am a writer of superhuman endurance.

Six partially complete chapters lie between me and being able to fall over and weep tears of grateful exhaustion. Some of those chapters consist of [Put more space battle here], mind you. But they all have epigraphs and that's what matters.

I will finish this book and then I may rest. I will finish this book and then I may rest. I will finish this book and then I may rest.(Admittedly, not for too long, given the Perfect Storm of July 1st deadlines, although really, things are starting to come together.)

It's looking good for deathmosey all week, at least--I have climbing tomorrow night and archery on Thursday, and other than that I can hang around the house and live off the freezer and grovel through the Chinese hell of track changes day by day by day, in pursuit of the elusive --30--.

Saturday is my mom's birthday and Sunday is my D&D game, so I will be taking the weekend off. Hopefully, I will have a finished manuscript by next Wednesday, though, because that's the last day before my houseguests (stillsostrange and hawkwing_lb) arrive for climber-bumming, and I figure post-novel ennui is a good time to entertain people, since I will have no brain for working anyway.

Then it's back to the unrelenting coal mines of deadline, because I need a draft of the secrit projekt and a draft of A Reckoning of Men by the end of June. And let us not forget Fourth Street.

After all that is done, frankly, I plan to sleep until Readercon.

Tags: chinese hell of track changes, deathmosey like you mean it, honeydew, jacob's ladder, with your draft or on it

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