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let's try to be highly evolved

I am currently excited that my black peppermint has come back up this spring. I was afraid the landlord's yard guy with the weedwhacker had killed it.

garden 2010 05 12 001

I cleverly planted the peppermint and the lemon balm in an isolated corner of the yard, hemmed in by sidewalks. They can duke it out for domination of the yard-corner, and get mowed if they pop up elsewhere.


Perhaps concrete can contain them.

Yesterday, I saw a bird of prey being harassed by a crow, and I was intrigued, because I did not recognize its silhouette or colors. A little internet research reveals that it was a black buzzard, a bit of an erratic for my neighborhood--we more usually get the turkey buzzards around here.

So that was a nifty thing.

In a minute here I need to go brazen it out with Chapter 22. As you may have gathered, I am avoidant.

But Chapter 22 needs to die today.
Tags: chinese hell of track changes, deathmosey like you mean it, dreams and bones, grow your own, horticulture (no really: horticulture), jacob's ladder, suburban peasantry, with your draft or on it
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