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Criminal Minds 5x21, "Exit Wounds," written by Rick Dunkle, directed by Charles S. Carroll

(Same writer from "Slave of Duty" and "Conflicted," for those of you playing along at home)

"I'll be fine. I have a cleaver."
Mm. Not so much.
No, JJ, he's not hot. But given your taste runs to sexist rednecks, I guess I can't judge....
Stay proud, Emily. I want to respect you in the morning.

"I see you people way too much."
JJ is rocking that v-neck. (Garcia rocks everything.)

Oh, hey. Somebody actually bought the props department a hunting broadhead!

Garcia quote! Drink!
Hotch in jeans, drink!
Oh, and Reid has his green corduroy ensemble with purple scarf on. They're TRYING to get us wasted.

The Reid-and-Rossi show delivers exposition in dizzying glory!

There's a large dog rabid bear loose in the woods! That ain't no bear.

Apparently, sir, you cannot keep order.

Yay Kevin!
Penelope Garcia, BSG fan. Hee.
And she suddenly realizes that she's in a horror movie. Ooops.
Good hustle, Garcia.

"Judging from the location, I would guess liver or spleen."

Character continuity!
"He had to see something good before he died."
I blame Rossi's S3 anger management problems for Penelope's freakout. Just saying.

And Hotch and Prentiss realize the awful truth.
I like Reid's delivery on the abandonment thing.
Greenscreen! Drink!

The red herring returns!

"Actually, no. They don't." Rossi FTW.

"Reid. Reid!"

Penelope cracks the case!
"I'm sure. I'm his mother." Drink!

"Take a bite out of this."

Oooch. That was a Psycho-level indirect icky stabbing.
Reid, sweatervest, drink.
Victim reaction, very nice. Joshua, poor baby.

Rossi gets it. Reid gets it.

"It's homicidal triad 101."

And Reid gets in a sly little shot of his own.  And he has a second purple scarf. Do we need to drink for BOTH of them?

The role of the cavalry in this episode WILL be played by David Rossi. Who does not always shoot to kill. But yanno, any bullet wound should not be dismissed so... cavalierly

"You came back. And you got the job done."
And Morgan, five seasons in, has finally learned how to be supportive.

Morgan and Garcia is the best love story in the history of television, and doubly so because it's not about sex--and given Morgan's damage, that's perfect. They have to do it the hard way.

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