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you have to hit the ground running.

It looks like possibly my sunflowers have reseeded from last year. That pleases me. This year maybe I'll get to one or two before the birds, but mostly they're so I get goldfinches in the yard.

God, I could do a much better job on this book if I had another year to work on it. I just really figured out what it's about.

On page 402

But there we go, I made it through Ch. 24, as I had hoped. And we're at the crisis point right on time. Everything has officially gone to hell in a handbasket, and now we're on track to spend chapter 25 blowing up every goddamned thing in sight. Then we have poignant decisions and tearful farewells, and I'm calling it a book.

Tomorrow, Ch. 25. Ch. 26 on Monday. Then Tuesday for the denouement and Wednessday for the last pass. By dog!

New words: 2400
Words cut: ~50
Pages edited: 17 (I am on page 408 of 417) 
The manuscript stands at: 87,500 words
mean things: thinking you were done with the fight when you weren't even started
Tags: chinese hell of track changes, deathmosey like you mean it, jacob's ladder, with your draft or on it
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