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bear by san

March 2017



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sf farscape leather

i don't want no coffee or tea.

Last night, ctwriter helped me get the tomatoes in. Garden photos later, maybe, after deathmarch and dinner.

Gravity is very high this morning, but I have finally prevailed against it. And as soon as I have the strength to put on pants, I will be taking the dog out and then commencing deathmarch.

My technical problem for this morning is how to make a scene, which any television writer would dispense with by showing a glimpse of the Bridge of the Enterprise rattled by incoming photon torpedos, Uhura pitching in the opposite direction, actually do enough narrative work to justify its existence.

And then Tristen gets to kick some ass and take some names.

Except he forgot his pen.


That's hilarious. "Gravity was very high this morning." Yes, we had a similar occurance at my house this morning. :D
Is high gravity typically a widespread or a localized phenomen, I wonder? At any rate, I can also attest that gravity was also quite high in our house this morning.
Widespread, I think. I am still struggling with it.
I would gladly loan Tristen a pen, except that I think his pen does things that mine can't do.
NPR depressing me to death

I make a rule not to listen to the news on Fridays.

Good luck with the deathmarch.

As always you are a very strong inspiration.
*is distracted by the farscape icon* I have seen it before, but it's just so *fascinating*