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bear by san

March 2017



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sf sapphire and steel kiss (darkness)

run and tell the angels that everything's all right.

Today, I did not finish chapter 25. I did write 2036 words, but I have six short scenes left in the chapter, and my brain has sold me down the river.

So I give up. Flesh is weak. Even writers of superhuman endurance have limits.

Maybe later tonight I will have a brain. Right now I am going to watch some S1 Lie To Me and possibly nap.

New words: 2400
Words cut: ~50
Pages edited: 17 (I am on page 408 of 417) 
The manuscript stands at: 87,500 words
mean things: thinking you were done with the fight when you weren't even started
words Word don't know: gestural
darling: his muscular limps



Your superhuman endurance, I admire it.
not superhuman enough.
Alas. No one ever is.
You've been such a trooper through this! Gotta say, I seriously admire your dedication at times like this.
Do you get up and go to your job every day?

A bit of self-reflection will reveal why what you just said is somewhat silly. *g*
No, actually, I don't. (:

...and some background: I've been trying to convert my income to licensing and sales of some IP that I've created but haven't finished fleshing out quite yet. I often find it incredibly hard to self-motivate without any user/customer/fan-base pushing me forward, especially when I come across a big "blank spot" for which I don't have a clear direction through. So no, not silly at all. (:
Well, for me, writing is a job, and romanticizing it as anything else is somewhat offensive.

If I don't work, I don't eat.