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no one gave you what you needed, so you'll never ask again


Grail is a second draft, and much much better than the first bad draft. It still needs a third draft, but that will just be a matter of going through and setting up all the stuff I just pulled out of my cloaca at the end here.

But hey, it's a manuscipt of about 95,000 words, which I expect to get another 5K into on the next pass, and it is entirely devoid of scenes that say [put swordfight here].

State of the Honeydew:

Realms of Fantasy Review Column: June 9

Fourth Street Fantasy Convention: June 25-27

Secrit projekt: June 30

A Reckoning of Men: July 1 (with truepenny)
Revise "Dolly" (formerly known as the untitled noir objective stuntwriting thingy): July 1
Revise "Needles" (formerly known as the untitled Near Dark homage thingy): July 1

Revise Grail: July 15
Revise "Spell 81a": July 15 (with stillsostrange)

Readercon: July 8-11

Proposal for Spectra: Sometime soonish in here.

Viable Paradise: October 1-10

World Fantasy: October 28-31

The Steles of the Sky: November 2

"Uniform": November 15 (with stillsostrange, blackholly, coffeeem, willshetterly, and leahbobet)

Darkover: November 26-28

The White City chapbook: late fall

"Ligature": January 15 2011

New Amsterdam IV: March 2011

Eurocon: June 17-19 2011 (barring volcanoes)

The Steles of the Sky book 2: November 2 2011

An Apprentice to Elves: December 1 2011 (with truepenny)

The Steles of the Sky book 3: November 2012

No fixed deadline:

space opera thingy
revise "The Romance"
Karen Memory
(unless its name is actually Salt Water)
REZ (formely known at the Singularity Rent novel)

Tags: --30--, chinese hell of track changes, deathmosey like you mean it, honeydew, with your draft or on it
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