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a filthy scarecrow waves its arms and does a parody of each unconscious thing you do

So today, through the good offices of the Best Roommate Ever (who is on vacation this week, between two caving expotitions (and I need to get into another cave soon), I went kayaking for the first time ever. Now, I have done a bit of canoeing (including a semi-legal underground excursion that those of you who have read Hammered can probably fill in some details of) so I know how to handle a paddle, but this was really extraordinarily much nicer--as much nicer as a canoe is than a rowboat.

We live a half-mile from the boat launch on Union Pond, a nice little lake dammed up on the Hockanum River, and so we kayaked around half the periphery of it and up the river until the current got too strong.

We tailed a great blue heron up the lake. Alas, every time the poor bird got up and moved to get away from the annoying monkeys in the floating things, they showed up again five minutes later. Obviously, they were following it! It finally gave up and flew away completely, only to be startled away again when the monkeys came back to the boat launch.

Kayaks rock. It's like the recumbent bike of the boating world.

Although between the dentist yesterday and the cat sleeping on my head last night, my neck is in horrible shape. My beloved massage therapist gave me enough attention to reach "cope," so I'm self-medicating and watching Moon for the foreseeable future.
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