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Criminal Minds 5x22, "The Internet is Forever," written by Breen Frazier, directed by Glenn Kershaw

Oh,  creepy music. You are creepy. JJ has glam hair and so does Reid, but nobody is making fun of JJ.

Ooops. If there's something wrong with posting what you had for dinner, I'm going to Internet Hell.

Reid has work email, at the very least. But possibly he never reads it. Or perhaps denying it is easier than admitting he reads 70 emails per minute.

I'm with you, Garcia. Please don't hurt the doggie.

Rossi states the obvious. But he's doing what Garcia asked, and letting her know he's listening.

Garcia doesn't have a Scottish accent, does she?

Reid and Rossi crack the case!

Hotch, don't bug your genius while she's working.

Oh, I've seen Morgan make that gesture before. In the same episode we had a lingering fade out on Reid with that same expression, come to think of it. Nice and subtle, directorially.

Garcia is having a bad, bad couple of weeks. And she and Morgan are all the love in the world.

And the only thing hotter than Garcia in that green top is Prentiss dressed up as Illya Kuryakin.

Morgan cracks the case!

Oh, Morgan. The madder he gets, the more perfect the tildes of his eyebrows become.

Ooo, there's a glare that says Mrs. Prentiss is my mother, asswipe.

I like the older guy.

SpencerCam! Drink! Man, it's been a while. Technically, Reid, what you have been describing is a facial asymmetry.

"Where is the freezer?"

Ooo, Rossi's vengeance is best served cold.

That was a nice ep. Aware of its antecedents without being heavyhanded about them, everybody in character. A little moralistic, but then, the Internet is evil. Even I know that.

Dangling plot thread: so where did the leak come from?

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