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"What did you smell?"

Criminal Minds 5x23, "Our Darkest Hour," written by Erica Messer, directed by Edward Allen Bernero


Oh god, Leonard Cohen. And Tim Curry. It's like somebody is sending me a love letter. A horrible, horrible love letter.

Best cold open since "Ashes and Dust."

Okay, creepy.

PSA:  lock your windows at night. But really, whose home is secure?

Snarky Rossi is writerly and snarky.

In case you forgot we were playing with Arthurian tropes, we bring you a little Tennyson in a biscuit box. And of course, Galahad gets the quote.

Oh, high angle shot. I'm liking the directing in this one/

Cops of the week are charming. "He covered up."
And Reid notices the restraints.
Come on, Spencer, cowboy up. "It wasn't about you."

"How long will that last?"
Oh man. Rossi is talking with Hotch and Morgan and Reid is rattled and unhappy.
Reid and JJ and Garcia are so fabulous together.

"I don't believe in coincidences."
COTW also deals with Reid's geekdump with remarkable aplomb.

This is where we all start screaming "Don't go in the house."
Nice shirt, JJ. And oh, the real newsanchors as newsanchors trick. I love that one.

Robert Davi and Eric Close (Kurzbad and Spicer) are really making me love their Law & Order homage with a love that cannot be denied. Also, Davi is so doing Kolchak. And I'm also loving the cinema verite tricks in this one. Is CM going to invert all my expectations and finally pull off a season finale I love? Usually it's the midseason that's strongest, but this year has been backwards.

Uneducated, sadistic. HELLO WORLD.

Quit leading the witness, Spicer, or Morgan will cut you. And Morgan getst the orphaned kid, as Reid gets the torture victim. Really, the universe is not fair when you are fictional.

The delivery on "Having on thing that sets him apart from the norm could be what lead him to the extreme solitude of a violent schizoid personality" is one of those great tiny character moments I love. Actually, I'm sort of enjoying the low-key way they're playing this whole profiling scene.

Hee. Aww, Spicer is all full of angst. And he thinks he's alone. And of course Morgan knows all about it. And I imagine it won't be that simple....

"They shape us, Detective." Thematic statement, DRINK!

That's some nasty-ass meth mouth you've got there, Tim.

Prentiss cracks the case! And bwahahahahahha. The team goes looking for the truth and finds it in their hip pockets.

"You wanna make me remember what really happened?" I love the misdirect. It's not Kurzbad, it's Spicer. And Spicer knows the telling detail--if he covered his eyes, he couldn't cover his ears.

Cognitive interview, drink.

Hotch, protector of children. Circular structure.over the whole season.
Oh, who puts the electric panel outside the house?


Hahahaha. Oh, Spicer. Is there no radio in that thing? Call backup! Never split up. JJ will get eaten by dogs and Morgan gets whacked on the head.

And nobody is as effortlessly evil as Tim Curry. Yay!

Okay, I'm happy. That was a box of awful awful awesome

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