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bear by san

March 2017



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FREE BOOKS! FREE BOOKS! (the clarion call)

As some of you already know, the Tor edition of Hugo-nominated shared-world anthology METAtropolis (featuring novellas by John Scalzi, Tobias Buckell, Karl Schroeder, Jay Lake, and, er, me) comes out on June 8th.

So we're having a contest to give away five copies of it, one on each blog.

Which means after you enter here (contest closes on 6/7 and winners will be announced on 6/8--those are American-style dates, BTW) you can wander over to the other blogs and enter there (as soon as their posts go up, I mean) and have not one not two but five (FIVE!) chances to WIN A FREE BOOK.


To enter my contest, simply post in comments your photoshopped, gimped, collaged-and-scanned, drawn, photographed, or otherwise imaged still from the movie of METAtropolis. With caption. 

I'm going to pick the one that makes me laugh hardest.

"What?" you say, "but there is no movie of METAtropolis?"

Well then. Just consider it an opportunity to exercise your creativity.

And we all know the movie is nothing like the book, right?

Ready? Steady... GO!

Toby's contest here: http://www.tobiasbuckell.com/2010/06/02/metatropolis-competition/
Jay's contest here: http://www.jlake.com/2010/06/02/contests-win-a-copy-of-metatropolis/
Karl's contest here: http://www.kschroeder.com/weblog/archive/2010/06/02/win-free-books-metatropolis-to-be-precise
John's contest here: http://whatever.scalzi.com/2010/06/02/metatropolis-contest-one-of-five-win-the-tor-edition/

(kudos for contest idea to tanaise)


Attack of the Bozowheatons

The fourth wall... it does nothing!

Re: The fourth wall... it does nothing!

It took me way too long to realize that that's an actual, modern-day photograph of Times Square.

I think we live in the future now.

Re: The fourth wall... it does nothing!

HDR photography is really, really frigging cool.

I utilized another shot by the same artist in Jay's contest (I was so taken with one of those shots that, even though I actively detest NYC, I still made it my wallpaper at the house).

Re: The fourth wall... it does nothing!

Where did you find these pics? That looks amaizing!
I wish I was in anyway competent at such things. =) These are great. =)
Stay Warm

(image source: The Day After Tomorrow film)

NB: If given a copy of METAtropolis, I will not burn it. That's what furniture is for.

In the Future, there is only coffee...


Thanks for the contest! How do we post images without a livejournal account?

jimsama (at) gmail.com

Re: In the Future, there is only coffee...

That works!
I'll see if I can embed this:

When you believe in yourself...


Re: When you believe in yourself...

well that image posting didn't work at all...

So, my current medium of choice is molten glass... which means I'm making things harder for myself! I feature a 16mm high bead :D
The caption is IN THE STILL. OMG!


online architecture degrees shape the future

Pixar's METAtropolis

Pixar's METAtropolis is a lighthearted romp through a dystopian city of the future, where a group of plucky amphibians band together to help a physicist overthrow the Orwellian control of an extraterrestrial-influenced government.

In this scene (a cheeky reference to an old classic game that will appeal to many of the adults in the audience), the amphibious heroes must cross a busy road to get to a retention pond in which an old keycard has been tossed.


Oh no, I hate this part. You know how many tries it takes me to reach the lake?

I dunno.

Look, I just--you got any quarters?

A proper city planner would construct elevated walkways, thus obviating the need for such risky activities as--

HOPPER (already out in the first lane with JUMPER):
Toad, come on!

Oh, dear. Hold on, Gordon! We're coming!

(Crazy traffic-jumping chase scene ensues)


By Latasha Ewell http://www.dissectingwords.com

Re: By Latasha Ewell http://www.dissectingwords.com

Latasha, after much deliberation--this one is the winner.

Please email me your contact information at matociquala at gmail dot com!


Statue of Luberty

-Larry Hodges



-Jeremiah G

It only takes one visionary to change the world

One visionary is all it takes