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FREE BOOKS! FREE BOOKS! (the clarion call)

As some of you already know, the Tor edition of Hugo-nominated shared-world anthology METAtropolis (featuring novellas by John Scalzi, Tobias Buckell, Karl Schroeder, Jay Lake, and, er, me) comes out on June 8th.

So we're having a contest to give away five copies of it, one on each blog.

Which means after you enter here (contest closes on 6/7 and winners will be announced on 6/8--those are American-style dates, BTW) you can wander over to the other blogs and enter there (as soon as their posts go up, I mean) and have not one not two but five (FIVE!) chances to WIN A FREE BOOK.


To enter my contest, simply post in comments your photoshopped, gimped, collaged-and-scanned, drawn, photographed, or otherwise imaged still from the movie of METAtropolis. With caption. 

I'm going to pick the one that makes me laugh hardest.

"What?" you say, "but there is no movie of METAtropolis?"

Well then. Just consider it an opportunity to exercise your creativity.

And we all know the movie is nothing like the book, right?

Ready? Steady... GO!

Toby's contest here:
Jay's contest here:
Karl's contest here:
John's contest here:

(kudos for contest idea to tanaise)
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