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bear by san

March 2017



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i am an orphan girl

REMINDER: The Metatropolis contests are still open!!

Deathmosey proceeding. ~2000 words so far today on three different projects, and I mosey on.

[14:32] matociquala: This story still needs a title that does not suck.
[14:33] stillsostrange: Yeah, so do many of mine.
[14:34] matociquala: Right now it's either Little Furry Animals or Indigenous Fauna Of The Pacific Northwest.
[14:34] matociquala: Neither of which really floats my goat.
[14:34] tanaise: Fur Loving Criminals
[14:34] tanaise: Do goats float?
[14:35] tanaise: What am I saying.  Clearly they don't float if they're unimpressed.
[14:35] stillsostrange: With floaties they do
[14:35] tanaise: Fine Young Animals
[14:35] matociquala: You need an accessory to float your goat
[14:36] tanaise: *tries to think of other bands to canibalize*
[14:37] matociquala: It's more challenging than floating a boat, which requires only water.

Things I googled today: Does Coors have a twist cap? Actual wording of a MacBeth quote. Just how big IS a cave bear, anyway?

We're getting a lot of use out of that Danny Brady's Kitchen set, I tell you what.

Soon I will go climb. Afterwards I will come home and eat. Then there will be still more deathmosey.


I feel a very small pang of shame that I knew the answer to the Coors query.

Fortunately, it was quickly drowned by the amusement at mis-scanning "Deathmosey proceeding" as "Death Morrisey proceedings," because Morrissey in Death Race 2000 renders this argument invalid.

The Cascade Critter Caper?
You only need a boat to float a goat.
Necessities for floating a goat:
1) a big enough cauldron
2) enough stock to fill it

(Goat, more chewy megafauna than charismatic megafauna)
How else would you get the wolf and the head of lettuce across the river?
Charismatic Megafauna

It's a term of art in conservation circles referring to animals people will rally to protect. Orca, Salmon, Pygmy Rabbits. As opposed to the smaller or less-cuddly threatened species.
Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas Washington D.C. wherever the team is this week
It's more challenging than floating a boat, which requires only water.

If you're fortunate, all it takes to float a boat is water. If you're less fortunate, it can take an awful lot of patching holes and testing the patches and stuff first. When I was in the Navy, I was ... less fortunate.

(If you're ever in need of something unpleasant to do to a character, have them spend two years on a submarine undergoing overhaul in Pearl Harbor. Imagine a steel tube, over three hundred feet long and thirty feet across, painted pitch black and sitting in a drydock under tropical sunshine. With all the air-conditioning units removed for heavy maintenance ...)

On the other hand, my boat did come equipped with a Goat Locker (officially known as the Chief Petty Officers' Quarters). So we eventually did float our boat, and our goats, at the same time.
I would not like it on a boat.
I would not like it with a goat.