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i am an orphan girl

REMINDER: The Metatropolis contests are still open!!

Deathmosey proceeding. ~2000 words so far today on three different projects, and I mosey on.

[14:32] matociquala: This story still needs a title that does not suck.
[14:33] stillsostrange: Yeah, so do many of mine.
[14:34] matociquala: Right now it's either Little Furry Animals or Indigenous Fauna Of The Pacific Northwest.
[14:34] matociquala: Neither of which really floats my goat.
[14:34] tanaise: Fur Loving Criminals
[14:34] tanaise: Do goats float?
[14:35] tanaise: What am I saying.  Clearly they don't float if they're unimpressed.
[14:35] stillsostrange: With floaties they do
[14:35] tanaise: Fine Young Animals
[14:35] matociquala: You need an accessory to float your goat
[14:36] tanaise: *tries to think of other bands to canibalize*
[14:37] matociquala: It's more challenging than floating a boat, which requires only water.

Things I googled today: Does Coors have a twist cap? Actual wording of a MacBeth quote. Just how big IS a cave bear, anyway?

We're getting a lot of use out of that Danny Brady's Kitchen set, I tell you what.

Soon I will go climb. Afterwards I will come home and eat. Then there will be still more deathmosey.
Tags: chatroom transcripts, confessor, deathmosey like you mean it, iskryne, the writer at work, with your draft or on it

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