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you said it was night inside my heart. it was. you said it should tear a kid apart. it does.

Despite sleeping more than I wanted (I'm taking a muscle relaxant at bedtime for my back pain, and it does mean I feel better, but it also makes me sleep hard and much longer than I want to be sleeping. Need to exercise more discipline and pry myself out of bed when the alarm goes off, dammit.) I got up today and became productive. Took the dog for a run and then settled in with the wolf book and wrote somewhere around 2300 words, then sent it back to truepenny

The deadline is July 1st. I hate working this close to deadline. Hate it. But my workload this winter and spring was such that it's been a deadline-push the whole way.

Additionally, the deadline for the Secrit Projekt is looming. That one is due June 30th, and I have to admit, writing it is a bit like slogging through mud. The story's not ripe yet, and I'm forcing myself to write it. But ya gotta do what ya gotta does, and I gotta get this done. The glamor of the writing life looks a lot like endless toil from here, right now.

Right now, though, I'm going to eat something, and then sit down and read some of this book I am supposed to be writing a review for. Because I'm not sure I can face the animal snugglers just yet.

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