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bear by san

March 2017



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that's why god made escort agencies

Another day of considerable mightiness on the deathmarch front has led me to 2144 words on the novella and 1320 on the wolves. Tomorrow, I get to write a fight with a wyvern, which will be fun. It will be fun because I have decreed it fun. And whatever I say goes.

And now, being tired the heck out, I am going to get off these internets and go watch a movie or something. So I can get up in the morning and do it all over again.

Oh, deathmarch. Sometimes it seems like it will never end. But this segment of it is only another 22 days long.


22 days?! I guess I always presumed a death march never lasted more than a week.

You have plenty of tea and chocolate on stock to get you through it, I guess?
A week, huh? *g* I've been on this one since January, more or less.

I had it in my head that a death march was a final push to get the last 10k out or something - so a brief preternatural writing stint followed by complete collapse.

This is probably just a result of me lusting after your word counts. But if you ever were searching for a random subject to blog about, I'd love to understand that bit of terminology/process better!

Heh. Sometimes it is just 10K or so. In this case, I have four novels and a selection of other things due this year, most of them in the first half. I have to write close to half a million words this year.

So I've been working pretty much nonstop since New Year's.
Are you able to focus on what you have to write or does your brain go all "Ooooh! SHINY!" on you and try to have you write other things instead of what's on the schedule?

Hang in there!
Part of professionalism is writing the thing that is on deadline.

If one can't manage that, one doesn't stay a writer long.