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walk it down, talk it down, sympathy, luxury.

2634 new words on A Reckoning of Men. I consider that a very good writing day.

I would really, really like to be done now. But there are only about a hundred pages to go, which is kind of thrilling. Thrilling in an "I need a nap" kind of way.

Also, I'm halfway done with "Confessor," and I think I'm actually going to let it sit for a bit and come back to it when I have an idea of what the ending will be. In a best case scenario, I'm only four hard writing days from the end of it, and I need to start ramping up the tension, and I don't know yet what mechanisms I will use to do that.

So, much as it frustrates me, the smart money lets it cook for a bit.

Of course, I might get home from climbing tonight and be full of inspiration. You never know.
Tags: deathmosey like you mean it, iskryne
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