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bear by san

March 2017



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keep the car running

Climbing at Ragged Mountain today with Jeff and Alisa. We set three routes; I climbed two (Wet Wall and Knight's Gambit.) I did not get to climb Broadway, the third route, because we ran out of daylight. Some other time perhaps. I also tore both sides of my (elderly) cargo pants high-footing. Ahem. Wear pants that stretch when you expect to be putting your foot above waist-level, my friends.

I'm pretty darned proud of myself: Ragged is, I think, Connecticut's biggest wall. It's something like 28 meters (92 feet) of traprock (basalt), and it's intimidating as hell. I've managed to get up a route on the slab before (the slab is that giant leany slumped rock in the left of some of the photos) but never made it to the clifftop, in two years of trying.

Some photos:

Ragged Mountain 2010 06 11 008 A bear in her natural habitat: New England.

Ragged Mountain 2010 06 11 009 This is not how you set a rope. Ahem. But it was only ten feet up and I bouldered up to grab it and then downclimbed, and did not die.

This is "Knight's Gambit," a 5.7+. A freaking hard 5.7+: I've been on 5.9s that were easier, and apparently Broadway (the 5.8 we set) was also easier.

Because the shots are foreshortened, and the top of the cliff is set back by a little ledge, it's taller than it looks in these. There was a good fifteen feet left to climb in that shot, even though it looks like I'm finished.

Ragged Mountain 2010 06 11 012 Ragged Mountain 2010 06 11 018 

Ragged Mountain 2010 06 11 023

And yes, the correct answer to "Does this harness make my ass look fat?" is yes.


Right. Clinging to a rock by the adhesive powers of your eyelashes, above instant fatal doom, and you worry about the appearance of your behind? you are suspected of being female.
The shoes are very sticky. And there's a rope. ;-)
If i was doing that , i would be worrying if i wore my brown pants. I do not do heights
The harness makes your ass look like it might survive a mistake.
Tangential, but I want to steal the God and Gravity quote. Is that an eBear original, or should I be attributing it to someone else? My Google-fu is failing me. =)
It's from Shadow Unit, a character named Chaz Villette. So yeah, it's me. More or less. ;-)
=D I loves it.

Looks like muscle to me. Good grief woman. You rock. Ha! :)
There's some of that, too. *g*
Filed under V for Very Steep Things... Does climbing those rocks feel as impressive as it looks?
Mostly it feels complicated. *g*
Me? Why?

(Toproping is actually quite safe. Although my endocrine system does not believe that.)
I am also terrified of falling. I hate it as much as horses do.

But when I'm on a rope, I know I'm on a rope, and it will catch me. Sometimes I still freeze up (usually when I have to make a long lateral move and need to ask for slack in the line to do so) because I have that sense of falling--and moves that you have to fall onto are really hard for me.

When you're on Surprise, you don't think about falling, after all. You think about riding. Climbing is the same way.
I find toproping SO much less scary than bouldering. Bouldering triggers my "oh my god I'm going to die!" reaction, toproping is "thank god I have this nice rope stopping me from dying!"

Bouldering is terrifying and unpleasant. Toproping is sometimes scary, but overall fun.
Hee. See comment directly above yours re: fear of falling.
Wow! I'd like to say, "I wish I could do that!" but I couldn't in a million years. You're very brave!!
You might surprise yourself. *g*
I'll leave the mountaineering to the true mountain goats and stick to hill walking, thank you very much!

I've heard enough alarming tales about the Aonach Eagach Ridge from my husband (who used to do more extreme hill walking than the wussy little Lakeland fells I'm used to!) to last me a lifetime.

Though I would like to see a Brocken Spectre (sighs wistfully...)
Dude. Wow. That looks terrifying.
It is.
w00t! Grats on making the climb, that looks like a lot of fun! :)
You're a braver woman than I: colour me very impressed.
That is impressive rock.
you are brave, beautiful and awesome. please don't do this anymore.
Thank you. But I expect I will probably keep climbing, as it's an awful lot of fun. (Don't worry: we're very careful with the safety gear.)