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the roller derby program said she was built like a 'frigerator with a head

Kayaking today with the usual suspects, out on Mill Pond in Somersville (just a little north of Five Corners, Ellington) and up the Scantic River. Three hours total, and shockingly, I feel great. I am stunned by how much my body loves kayaking. Even upriver, against a current.
It was kind of an epic trip--6 miles total, on some beautiful lakes and rivers.* We saw multitudinous turtles (Eastern Painted), a heron, and a beaver. Swimming across the Mighty Scantic! A BEAVER!

And many beaver dams.

We finally turned back in a marsh where a fallen tree made a semi-insurmountable obstacle--I got under it, but the others did not care to try, and getting back under it was a little hairy.

But man. Best day kayaking ever.

*If you click on the "hybrid" link at the top and zoom in, you can see some of what we saw, from a different angle. *g*
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