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bear by san

March 2017



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Oh, and as if there were any doubt: Zenyatta stands alone.

Running under 129 pounds, 5 wide coming around the turn:

Man, she makes me believe in horse racing again. It's kind of terrible, because I don't want to believe in horse racing.


It's one of those bound-to-break-your-heart things, isn't it?
It always does. But man, she's a miracle horse.
It's such a brutal sport. And such a beautiful one.
The horses get me. Major emotional button.
Most likely. But what's left?

She just beat Citation.
129 pounds???? My god, that horse is amazing.
I know. That's a reasonably heavy weight for a 6-year-old stallion or gelding. St Trinians was under 120.

Admittedly, my knowledge of thoroughbred handicapping is at best rudimentary, but... I think that's supposed to work out to a three-length difference?

(Oh, and she was giving Zardana eleven pounds. Zardana beat Rachel Alexandra in March.)
GB stands for Great Briton right? Whoever named their horse St Trinians is AWESOME!
Yes, she is an English import. And one heck of a mare in her own right.
It's all about the horses.
That was beautiful! Thanks for posting it.
Oh, lovely, lovely horse!

This is where I don't tell you about the book I just read about Dan Patch. In some ways racing is better now, and in others it's not. At least we aren't rubbing their legs down with cocaine before a race.

They also don't numb boxer's hands anymore so they can't feel them breaking bones....

For some reason US racing doesn't do it for me. I much prefer British racing, with the variation of a grass surface, slopes, a track that follows the countryside, rather than being laid out with a ruler and compasses, and a racing calendar that emphasises both Flat and National Hunt (jumps) racing.

I grew up with my dad watching the racing whenever it was on TV and it's one of those background sounds that is inherently comforting.
I have so much scary love for that horse.
Me too.

She makes me teary-eyed.
What a wonderful way to start my day! Thanks!
I am SO right there with you on horse-racing. But yeah, Zenyatta makes you want to hope again. After all, she is 6 years old (a bit long in the tooth for a typical race horse!) Plus, did you read that they put cotton in her ears so the noise doesn't bother her? Kinda love that...
Hee. She needs noise-suppressing headphones!

Apparently there's some noise about taking her to the Breeders Cup Classic. I wonder if it will happen.


Zenyatta is proof enough for me that the age limit for the Triple Crown races should be increased to at least 6 years old. I think mixing 3-year-old horses with older ones would be more interesting. Not to mention the fact that Zenyatta would've wiped all the competition at all three TC tracks if she'd been allowed to run this year. She is a splendid example of equine grace and power.

That video is the perfect example of why Zenyatta is called the Queen. She rooolz.

Re: 17-0

The reason that there are age limits on 3 and 2 year old races is because 3 and 2 year old thoroughbreds are not mature. They are adolescents.

What you are suggesting is the equivalent of sending NFL players to compete against college teams, and would be GROSSLY unfair.

ETA: This is why three-year olds may run in all-ages races, but older handicap horses may not run in races reserved for three and two year olds.

It's fine to compete up. If you can step above your league by all means go for it.

Competing down would be demeaning to the older horse and unfair to the younger ones.

Edited at 2010-06-14 05:11 pm (UTC)

Juniors and Seniors

Thus do I reveal the paucity of my knowledge concerning thoroughbred horse racing. Thank you for the education, and the link.

I get what you're saying, I think. It seems to me that the TH industry is geared toward younger horses because there's a belief that talent/skills show early. Maybe that's true, I don't know enough to have an opinion for or against that. I just keep seeing a picture in my mind of herds of horses running across plains, and how they all keep up with each other regardless of age. Maybe there's no real link between that picture and the TH racing reality, but something about it sticks with me.

I'm not advocating a Free Willy here, just a yearning for something less...structured? Sigh. I'm better off watching video of mustangs runnning, I guess.

Re: Juniors and Seniors

No mustang born could keep up with a thoroughbred over a mile and a quarter. (Of course, no thoroughbred in existence could survive the terrain a mustang treats as a matter of course.)

Horses for courses, as the saying goes.

The thoroughbred industry is increasingly geared towards younger horses because the money is in stud fees and foal sales. So why risk your three year old champion in four-year old races where he might break down (or get his heart and his record broken) when you can sell his stud services for millions?

Geldings often run longer, for just this reason. The great Kelso (thought by many to have been a better horse than Man o'War) ran until he was nine, and was the all-time money winner of his day. After a leg injury ended his racing career, he went on to become an eventer. John Henry, the so-called iron horse, raced until age ten.

But even then, very few horses race beyond the age of ten for the same reason very few boxers fight past the age of 35. It places a tremendous strain on the body.
She's a rare beauty and undisputed Queen.