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it's time i had some time alone

So it's a good thing that we have a draft of A Reckoning of Men, because the page proofs for The Sea thy Mistress just landed, and I have an email from Anne-my-editor-Anne saying to expect the final round of edits on Grail by Monday (she likes the new improved ending, yay!).

So here's my revised honeydew list for the rest of June:

Crit first part of stillsostrange's WIP
Finish "Confessor"
Revise Grail
The Sea thy Mistress
page proofs

Read and review The Magicians and Mrs. Quent
Read and review Ship Breaker

Read and review Tea From an Empty Cup
Read and review Gun, With Occasional Music
Viable Paradise stuff

Ideomancer slush
Fourth Street Fantasy Convention

Yep. See you guys in July....

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