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cold doggies in the manger turn last suppers into feasts

I am safe in Minneapolis and have been reunited with porphyrin, mrissa, alecaustin, timprov, markgritter, and porphyrin's spouse and offspring. Alles gut, although apparently my travel karma got a workout today--as I got through Chicago in the one three-hour window when planes were flying normally, and into Minneapolis shortly after the thunderstorms passed (on their way to screw things up for Shay again).

It was a little bumpy, but not bad at all overall.

And I met three awesome dogs today: Miss Ista Poodle, Internets Celebrity; a one-year-old Komondor named Justice (who porphyrin and I spotted walking down the street and to whom we then had to go do the thing people always do to me and Ace: "What kind of dog is that?!" In my defense, it was dark, and Justice is too young to have dreadlocks yet, so all I saw was a big leggy white dog! They're built like Briards, under all that fur: it's all leg. She was a very lovely dog, and very outgoing for a Komondor--they are even more reserved than Briards.), and porphyrin's dog Morgan, a Large Munsterlander (I kind of love saying "Large Munsterlander.") who is adorable and snuggly and spotty!

I love dogs. And I love seeing old friends. Life is good.

Also, I am being scanned by Sam the Cat. And now I will finish the last fifty pages of the The Sea Thy Mistress page proofs, and then I will sleep. La. And probably dream of giant ridiculous dogs, because really, my Giant Ridiculous Dog is not a patch on a Komondor.
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