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bear by san

March 2017



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ace the wonder dog

cold doggies in the manger turn last suppers into feasts

I am safe in Minneapolis and have been reunited with porphyrin, mrissa, alecaustin, timprov, markgritter, and porphyrin's spouse and offspring. Alles gut, although apparently my travel karma got a workout today--as I got through Chicago in the one three-hour window when planes were flying normally, and into Minneapolis shortly after the thunderstorms passed (on their way to screw things up for Shay again).

It was a little bumpy, but not bad at all overall.

And I met three awesome dogs today: Miss Ista Poodle, Internets Celebrity; a one-year-old Komondor named Justice (who porphyrin and I spotted walking down the street and to whom we then had to go do the thing people always do to me and Ace: "What kind of dog is that?!" In my defense, it was dark, and Justice is too young to have dreadlocks yet, so all I saw was a big leggy white dog! They're built like Briards, under all that fur: it's all leg. She was a very lovely dog, and very outgoing for a Komondor--they are even more reserved than Briards.), and porphyrin's dog Morgan, a Large Munsterlander (I kind of love saying "Large Munsterlander.") who is adorable and snuggly and spotty!

I love dogs. And I love seeing old friends. Life is good.

Also, I am being scanned by Sam the Cat. And now I will finish the last fifty pages of the The Sea Thy Mistress page proofs, and then I will sleep. La. And probably dream of giant ridiculous dogs, because really, my Giant Ridiculous Dog is not a patch on a Komondor.


So I clicked all those links open in new tabs, and then a moment later went to look at things, and the "under all that fur" image had me staring at the screen wondering why I had a tab showing some kind of weird straw sculpture in midair . . . and then I figured out it was one of your dog links.

WTF, mate. WTF.
Hee. Truly ridiculous dogs.
Glad you made it safely! Please take care of our Bear!
Wait -- Briards are supposed to be reserved ? They're not supposed to wander over and crawl into your lap the first time you meet them ?

Oh. Well, there are atypical Briards, just as there are atypical humans. Either that or I smell like family, I guess. Could it have been the Oregonzola ?

Dang, and here I was thinking they were all lapdogs.
Oh, once you're on the sofa, you belong to the dog, and you will do as the dog bids.

The Briard standard says:

He is a dog of heart, with spirit and initiative, wise and fearless with no trace of timidity. Intelligent, easily trained, faithful, gentle, and obedient, the Briard possesses an excellent memory and an ardent desire to please his master. He retains a high degree of his ancestral instinct to guard home and master. Although he is reserved with strangers, he is loving and loyal to those he knows. Some will display a certain independence. Ahem.

Okay, I added that last word.

(The Komondor standard, for comparison, says:

Though very sensitive to the desires of his master, heavy-handed training will produce a stubborn, unhappy Komondor. While reserved with strangers, the Komondor is demonstrative with those he loves, selflessly devoted to his family and his charges, and will defend them against any attack. The combination of this devotion to all things dear to him and the desire to take responsibility for them produces an excellent guardian of herds or home, vigilant, courageous, and very faithful.)

Both breeds can be a little bit snappish, in practice, though that is really not encouraged. I've been warned away from some Briards and more Komondorok by their owners, as the dogs were not safe to approach. But there is a fine line between "reserved" and "defensive."
My mother is constitutionally unable to just call Morgie Morg a Munsterlander. She has to say "Grosser Munsterlander." She seems to love the feel of the words in her mouth.
It is a fabulous collection of letters. And Morgie is a fabulous collection of FUR.

(You would have loved the Komondor. She was BIG! like a giant white Giant Ridiculous Dog.)
All GRD are good. It's a rule. Currently, a medium ridiculous dog is walked regularly on the nature reserve behind my house -- an akita, with the most gloriously silly tail. We're getting to be friends.


Welcome to Minnesota... looks like the weather finally calmed down, but give it another four hours and it will change again.