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I just sent the final corrections off the page proofs on The Sea Thy Mistress back to Tor, by the way.

In case you were wondering, the email looked like this:

Here's what needs fixed....

Page 13, line 11: please change "The baby stopped crying. He blinked..." to "The baby blinked..."
Page 15, line 19: please change "help him" to "assist"
Page 70, line 2: please change "braid back out" to "braid out"
Page 73, lines 15-16: please change "rapidly becoming overgrown" to "having become overgrown"
Page 77, line20: please change "I followed you." to "I followed thee."
Page 120, line 11: please change "it must have just been" to "it must have been"
Page 121, line 11: please change "needed doing in the world" to "needed doing"
Page 123, line 2: please change "Her eyes" to "The mare's eyes"
Page 126, lines 2-3: please change, "And though he still spoke to her sometimes, he'd also never once so much as dipped his hand in the ocean." to "And though he still spoke to the ocean sometimes, he'd also never once so much as dipped his hand in her."
Page 129, line 5: please change "flavored" to "tainted"
Page 136, lines 4-5: please delete "Something about"
Page 171, line 23: please change "shifts in his wrist" to "shifts in the wolf's wrist"
Page 172, line 16: please change "after the wolf had the wolf not glanced back" to "after the wolf did the wolf not glance back"
Page 187, line 18: please change "yellow" to "mottles"
Page 256, lines 27-28: please delete "unconsciously"
Page 287, line 10: please change "ended" to "a dead"
Page 294, line 2: please change "fended her off" to "fended her away"
Page 301, line 4: please change "was waiting" to "waited"
Page 301, line 5: please change "was open" to "stood open"
Page 328, line 20: please change "falls" to "fell"
Page 328, line 21: please change "has" to "had"
Page 328, line 26: please change "burns" to "burned"
Page 331, line 10: please delete "somehow"

Axiom: There is always one more goddamn "Somehow."


Finish "Confessor" (June 30)
Revise Grail  (July 15)
Review Ship Breaker
Review Gun, With Occasional Music

Well, I guess I know what my priority is.
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