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Readercon Schedule:
Friday 2:00 PM, Vinyard: Kaffeeklatsch

Friday 4:00 PM, Salon G: Panel

The Fiction of Charles Stross. Elizabeth Bear, Daniel P. Dern, Jeff Hecht, Robert
Killheffer, David G. Shaw (L).

Saturday 11:00 AM, Salon G: Panel

The Career of Nalo Hopkinson. Elizabeth Bear, Gemma Files, Andrea Hairston, Victoria
Janssen, Gary K. Wolfe (L).

Saturday 1:00 PM, Salon F: Panel

The Meat and the Motion: The Body and Physicality in Spec Fic. Athena Andreadis,
Elizabeth Bear (L), Blake Charlton, Anil Menon, Kestrell Verlager. ** Leader
(Participant / Moderator) **

Hard sf often treats the body as a meat machine: interchangeable, expandable with parts
of other bodies or gadgetry, even disposable. Paranormal romance and urban fantasy
stories, however, are highly physical and personal: people gasp, bleed, wrestle, have
sex, throw up, pass out. What makes some types of speculative fiction more conducive
to discussion of sensation and movement? And what leads some writers to embrace the
physical while others ignore, amend, or even deny it?

Saturday 2:30 PM, NH / MA: Reading (30 min.)

from her forthcoming novel _Grail_. (or audience request)

Sunday 1:00 PM, : Autographing

And now I am going to catwax by preserving food. Frozen corn and canned rhubarb jam, coming up. Tomorrow, canned peas (if there are enough in the garden) and pickled summer squash/zucchini. </font>
Tags: bear appearances, grow your own, suburban peasantry

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