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bear by san

March 2017



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cat and mouse

[01:13] matociquala: *will not succumb to urge to parody Tailchaser's Song with cats named things like "Pisses-in-Corners"*
[01:14] stillsostrange: And his cousin "Pisses on anything left lying about."
[01:14] stillsostrange: "Yowls-at-Midnight"
[01:15] matociquala: "Bug-Eater"
[01:15] matociquala: "Enormous Hairball"
[01:20] stillsostrange: "Barfs-a-lot"
[01:20] stillsostrange: "Barfs by the side of the bed"
[01:27] matociquala: *steps-on-your-hair*
[01:28] matociquala: *leaves-the-green-bit*
[01:28] matociquala: Muncher of Houseplants
[01:28] matociquala: Wool-Sucker
[01:28] stillsostrange: "Butt-humper"
[01:29] matociquala: I'm blogging this.
[01:29] stillsostrange: "Sheds-on-the-laundry"
[01:30] matociquala: *washes-ass-before-dinner-guests*


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Although you don't want to know what the roof of our house in Nevada looked like when we had the kestrels nesting one palm tree over.... 0.0
"Sucks breast pocket buttons."

[Think about this one, then think about rather large hairy man in his fifties and a siamese cat."
I'm not sure the cat named "I'm blogging this" fits with the others,...

Thanks for late night giggles.
I'm not sure the cat named "I'm blogging this" fits with the others

Given how many cats have been known to be late night instant messengers, how do we know they don't have some secret blogging website - mioawjournal.com or some such?
I have a friend whose cat is clearly Supervises You Peeing. That is, I hope so. Otherwise it is Supervises Me Peeing, and that is a close and kinky relationship I did not realize I was in.

Also, Washes Ass Before Dinner Guests may well be better than Washes Ass After Dinner Guests, considering the smell of unwashed cat ass.
We have one here who is Helps You Shower.
OMG I HATED that book!

Don't forget Gifts Owner With Mouse Carcass and her brother Weird Ick Ick Noise.
"Eats-Bugs" was an actual character in TAILCHASER'S SONG, though.
We could change that one to "answers-pedantically..." *g*
I live with Drinks-from-the-Sink, Vomits-on-Bills, Will-DIE-Any-Minute-if-You-Don't-Pay-Attention-Right-NOW, and Gets-Under-Foot. They don't get along...
I have Hogs-The-Laptop and Hogs-The-Pillow.
In my home, we have Only-Loves-You-When-You're-Eating, Wanders-Around-Yowling, and Cheerfully-Plots-Your-Death.
[looks at long list of nicknames]


I think I dated that guy once.

I always thought cats could inspire yoga poses. "Queen in Heat" or "Cat Licking Crotch" for instance.
Mine is "Brings Live Mice to Bed" -- 3am this morning. What to play?!


Today's new one: Throw-Rug-Surfed-Down-A-Flight-Of-Stairs
Opener-of-Pocketknives (!!) thinks I am being insufficiently respectful of his dignity. And nascent tool use.

I am so glad he doesn't have thumbs...
Shits-On-Walls approves.

(This cat used to scrape his butt up the wall after he shat on the moulding, leaving foot-long vertical shit-streaks. It was fun explaining that one to the landlord...)
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