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didn't anybody tell you this river's full of lost sharks?

Whew. Okay, I think that's a final draft of "Confessor," at 17,000 words, which is dead on the money.

*blows smoke off keyboard*

Also, I figured out a bunch of stuff that goes in Mobius Heart yesterday. Including but not limited to characters named Indrapramit, Ferron, and Dexter Coffin. (That last is a Connecticut Joke.)

It might be a murder mystery. I seem to be on an SFnal murder-mystery kick, lately.

The early stages of turning an idea into a story are interesting. Finding the right characters, the right conflict to develop the ideas--it's a delicate balance and it can't really be rushed. Hothoused, yes--heavy reading helps, and so does doing stuff. Inspiration hides under rocks.

Now I have to finish reading this book, and maybe eat some cold cereal. Because omg. HOT.
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