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bear by san

March 2017



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i'd make a knife out of a notion

Oh, gawd, they're going to make me get out of bed.

The excessive sleeping, I realize, is due to (1) the post-novel ennui (2) the disgusting heat (3) more adequate pain-management--but it sure feels like I'm sleeping my life away.

On the other hand, I seem to be a lot more productive and pleasant to be around. I guess that's a win, even if I love sleep about as much as Nancy Kress does.

Time to get up and roust the dog out of the basement, where he has retreated in the face of our current killer heat wave.

Smart dog.

See many of you at Readercon. Fairly late, as I plan to be at a Rasputina concert as of 7 pm tonight...


You know, I read that as "roast the dog" first time through, and thought it was a reference to the heat.

I would send you some San Francisco morning fog, guaranteed to seep into your bones and chill you, except that it doesn't travel well.
Actually, having spent two weeks with Nancy, my observation is that she's very fond of sleep. For herself, at least. Or at altitude. But yes, I know what you mean, she had that whole "sleepless" thing going in the "Beggars" series. You'd think she hated it.

Oz, who has decided to bag going to Readercon in favor of staying in Nastygansett, RI on the shore.
Readercon, Scotch, the wife and I just checked in. When's & Where's would be handy.

Have fun at Rasputina.


If I am not scheduled for something, I am likely to be in the bar with the Badger.
>> I guess that's a win, even if I love sleep about as much as Nancy Kress does.

At least you're no beggar to pain.