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bear by san

March 2017



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writing steles burning

when we came out of the meat locker, the city was gone

Steles map

Here, have a bad square fantasy map of the area in which Steles of the Sky will be taking place. (Yes, this is the same setting as Bone & Jewel Creatures and "Love Among the Talus," although the time period is much closer to Talus.

It's still work on progress, and I need better names for many things (the Stormward Peaks are probably already renamed the Shattered Pillars). But at least I can start my Interminable Quest with some idea where things are in relation to one another.

Also, the plot is starting to come together in my head.


Did I tell you that I thought Bone & Jewel Creatures was terrific? Incredibly visual and rich. Thanks for writing it.

Have fun with Rasputina. I saw them earlier this year here in Seattle. I was so under-dressed in that crowd but I danced anyway.
I'm going to be whoa underdressed but it's hot and I am old.

ETA: And thank you!!!! I wrote that one to please nobody but me, so it's really awesome that so many people like it.

Edited at 2010-07-08 03:46 pm (UTC)
Isn't that "I'm hot and it's old?" lol

Yup, we can dance to Rasputina, shake our canes and curse, "damn kids today--don't know how to lace a corset properly. In my day we'd only use silk ribbons! None of this man-made fabrics..."
Hee. Not being visual, I hate the mapping. But not being visual, I need the reference....
Ooo, looking forward to it.
(side note: the title lines for your entries are always so fascinating.... and I so very rarely know any of the references, alas)

Woot, maps!

Also, if in your research you have not yet come across Susan Whitfield's "Life Along the Silk Road," it might be worth checking out-- she structures each chapter as telling the story of an individual from the Silk Road (Central Asian component) around the late 10th century.

(and, also: the Dunhuang caves, which are amazing)

(yeah; just spent the first part of the summer at a Silk-Road-focused seminar thing, and thus am all brain-filled and squee-ing at the thought of more from a fantasy universe inspired by that area)
Thank you!
What, no hex paper?
Your RPG influences are showing.

What is this "pen & paper" of which you speak?
Looks suspiciously like Anatolia and the Caucasus. "Was that intentional?" asked Mr. Clueless, who couldn't afford Bone & Jewel Creatures and thinks Talus is a kind of robot sentry.
yay maps on graph paper. :) I've got a number of them in boxes from various games I've worked on over the years, fun little artifacts to look back at and remember when things were in the mapping it out on paper stage of being built.
*makes archival grabby hands*
I love fantasy maps! Bonus points for graph paper! I can't tell you how many hours I've stared at maps in books I've read. (Or made them for rp games. :)
This is neat! Brings back memories of worldbuilding for roleplaying games. Ah, the nostalgia.
I really like the name "Stormward Peaks" myself. :)

Maps, they are useful!
Pretty good fantasy map drawing there! My rivers always come out looking like a child's drawing of lightning bolts.
I just got BJC in the mail the other day! I hope you understand that the ARC of kateelliott's Cold Magic will get read first. :/

Michael Wood's "In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great" (book and miniseries) films Wood as he actually travels where Alexander's army did, across Iraq and Iran and across the Hindu Kush, then down India and across the desert. Obviously a lot of it is city now, but there's a lot of vast wasteland that took my breath away watching it and looking at pictures in the book.

Unrelated, this is a random picture of Kyrgyzstan I found on Flickr a while back. Apparently Kyrgyzstan goes on FOREVER.