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hot tramp, I love you so

Sometimes today, I need to sit down with a pile of index cards and my notes for Range of Ghosts and start pulling cool things out of the pile and arranging them in a useful fashion. I like this kind of second-world worldbuilding, and I don't get to do a lot of it. I have to come up with four or five religions, with attendant mythology and cultures, with taboos and expectations and so forth--without relying too heavily on any Earth culture, but while establishing enough parallels that they feel like real, believable places.

Which is a delicate balancing act, as you may imagine.

I also have a bunch of reading to do. Because a novel has to happen here soon...

Yeah, after taking stillsostrange to the airport, I spent the morning and a chunk of the afternoon cleaning out my livejournal tag cloud. It's still needlessly baroque and cryptic, I suppose, but at least now the dead ends and typos are gone.

This is a pretty concrete sign that I'm burned out--having the attention span for such a fussy repetitive project, I mean.

Other work, meanwhile, is waiting for me to get around with it--some proofreader queries on The Sea Thy Mistress, the page proofs for The White City, and a pile of Ideomancer slush.

As of now, I am back on the Discipline. It is the Mythical After Time, and between deadlines and convention food and lack of exercise, my jeans don't fit. And not in a helpful sort of way.

Carrot sticks for dinner sometime soon! And kimchi. Yum.
Tags: entropy requires no maintenance, eternal sky, range of ghosts, the discipline, the mythical after time, the writer at work, you think this is easy realism?

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