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Well, I have taken all my scattered notes and turned them into something like a narrative. It's not anything like a complete story yet, but it's 12 pages single-spaced for three books, and I think it has plenty of goodies in it without being too constrictive. I have a whole bunch of awesome characters, anyway, and some good setpiece scenes planned out, and some cool-ass world.

Yeah, I'm coming up on ready.

Funny thing is, I know more about the future and arc of this trilogy than I have about anything I've ever written except By the Mountain Bound. Or, well, okay, Hell and Earth, once I had Ink and Steel written.

Which is probably a good thing, as I'm going to have to make sure the early books support the last one, without the luxury of going back and fixing them. I'm actually kind of half-convinced that the best way to handle this is to try to write a draft of the whole trilogy in one go. I may not have time to do that before the first book is due, though, so the outline is the next best thing.

Haven't got to the slush or the page proofs tonight, though. It's looking more like tomorrow. Still I feel like I got a bunch done.

Honeydew: immediate tasks:

page proofs for The White City

write chapbook to go with The White City
Essay I promised I would write
Read and review books for Tor and RoF

go go gadget
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